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    Like a Bird Without a Song, 2016

    A Letter to Prince on his 58th Birthday, 2016

    Why I Keep Talking About AIDS, 2016

    How to Be of Support to an Independent Band or Musician, 2016

    I'm Changing My Answer, 2017

    Fifty Men, Off the Top of My Head, 2017

    Things I Haven't Been Able to Reconcile in My Lifetime So Far, 2017

    We Can Do Better, 2018

    Getting Current, 2018



    Wrong Number, 2017


    Featured writing in zine publications:

    CARRIE: They Had It Coming, Horror // Ripe with Rage Issue 1, 2017

    On Haring, Hope, and Shutting My Own Mouth, Esta Tierra, An American Zine Born From the Resistance, 2017

    In This Body, Our Bodies Our Voice, 2017

    And She Was DIVINE, Pride // Nashville Riot Grrrls Zine Volume 6, 2016

    Beneath the Banner of Feminism, Survivor Stories // Nashville Riot Grrrls Zine Volume 5, 2016

    I Am Not My Body, and My Body is None of Your Business, Body Positivity// Nashville Riot Grrrls Zine Volume 4, 2016

    Ode to Poly Styrene, 1977, Self-Acceptance Through Music // Nashville Riot Grrrls Zine Volume 3, 2016 



    Buick Audra, Owner of Trimming The Shield Records, IdeaMensch, 2013

    One Rad Song, 2012-2016