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    June and July shows with Friendship Commanders

    Love and thanks to all who came out to FC's Raise Your Voice shows last month! We had a terrific time - and we registered some people to vote. So, mission accomplished! We're grateful to the venues, promoters, organizations, bands, and friends who participated.

    We're playing a handful of shows at the end of this month and beginning of July. Dates below. Announcements about the forthcoming album will be made next month; stay tuned!

    Last, if you'd like to hear me chat with some friends about being in a touring band, being female in the heavy music scene, and assortment of other things, check out this episode of the Punching Out podcast. Thanks to Tom Messmer for asking me to be a part!

    I wish you a happy beginning of Summer. See you out there.



    06/23/18 --- The P&H Cafe, Memphis TN
    06/28/18 --- The Milestone, Charlotte NC
    06/29/18 --- Guido's Speakeasy, Frederick MD
    07/01/18 --- St. Vitus Bar, Brooklyn NY
    07/02/18 --- The Pharmacy, Philadelphia PA


    First solo show in five years // Friendship Commanders voter registration tour in May // RED FANG/FC Nashville show


    Happy Spring to you all!

    First and foremost, I'm honored to be included in a two day event benefiting musician, father, and friend, Adrian Lemberger, this Saturday night, April 14th. Adrian has been fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia since the end of last year, and this set of shows will directly benefit his recovery fund. The weekend-long event is at Bottom Lounge in Chicago and features some truly great musicians. It's a personal milestone for me, as I've not played a proper solo set since 2013. I'll be playing some songs from my solo catalog, a few from the Friendship Commanders catalog, and maybe some brand new work. I'm looking forward to it!

    On the subject of Friendship Commanders, we're heading out for a couple of shows at the end of this month, and then several more dates in May. We've curated a tour called RAISE YOUR VOICE in which we'll be visiting some of the states with the lowest voter turnout numbers in recent elections. We'll have voter registration materials available at every single show, both digital and hard copy. Also, we're playing with RED FANG in Nashville on May 4th. Hope to see you at some of the shows! To keep up with FC's dates, follow us on Bandsintown.

    News about when the FC Albini album will be released soon!



    04/14/18 --- Bottom Lounge, Chicago IL


    04/27/18 --- The Circle Bar, New Orleans LA
    04/28/18 --- Houston Punkfest, Houston TX
    05/03/18 --- Crosstown Arts, Memphis TN
    05/04/18 --- Exit/In, Nashville TN
    05/06/18 --- Resonator, Norman OK
    05/08/18 --- The Spruce Goose, Houston TX
    05/09/18 --- Hi-Tones, San Antonio TX
    05/10/18 --- Revolution Cafe, Bryan TX
    05/11/18 --- Workers Revival Fest, Kansas City MO
    05/12/18 --- Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS
    05/13/18 --- Burlington Bar, Chicago IL
    05/16/18 --- 123 Pleasant St., Morgantown WV
    05/18/18 --- JJ's Bohemia, Chattanooga TN
    05/19/18 --- Kavarna, Decatur GA
    05/24/18 --- PG, Evansville IN
    05/25/18 --- The Cure Lounge, Louisville KY




    2017 in Review // FC'S Forthcoming Album with Steve Albini // Thoughts About Service

    As predicted, 2017 was a year of collaboration for me. I tend to get to the week after Christmas and feel like I haven't done much with my year, but I snapped out of it pretty quickly this time. This year has held a lot. A lot of music, a lot of working with others, a lot of life.

    The year started with the Women's March in D.C., an experience I'll remember as long as I live. I marched with some of my oldest and dearest friends; all of us had travelled great distances to be there. We were there in solidarity with one another, and with everyone who believes in a better future—and we were there in direct opposition to the current administration. I continue to stand against. I participated in fifteen protests this year and I'm sure there will be more ahead. There seems to be no end to the bigotry and dishonesty coming out of the White House and also Tennessee's capital. It's hard to know which fire to try to put out first these days. On the positive side of things, I've met some rad fellow activists out there, and have had the chance to work with some forward-moving groups like the Tennessee Equality Project right here in Nashville. I hope to do more with them in the coming year.

    Photo by Iris Robert

    As soon as I got back to Nashville from D.C., Jerry and I were involved in a creative project called the East Fowlkes Sextet. A four song EP was rendered at the Rock House in Franklin TN, aptly titled The Rock House Sessions. The recording documents composition and performances by: Zach Barocas, Kevin McKendree, Jerry Roe, Steve Mackey, Yates McKendree, and myself. It was a delightful and productive time and I'm proud of what we created. Thanks to Zach and Kevin for making it happen.

    Photo by Laura McKendree

    This was a non-album year for Friendship Commanders, but we did release an EP ourselves, a 7" record called JUNEBUG, also in the spirit of collaboration. Each of the four songs has a contribution from (or was inspired by) someone outside of the band. Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Classics of Love) co-wrote a song, N.A. Huebsch Jr. contributed a German translation to another, one song is an Iodine cover, and last, one song was inspired by and is dedicated to BELLS≥. We made one video for that body of work, for "Berlin." Some twenty-three people were involved in that, to whom we're grateful. The record partially benefits the ACLU. 

    As I posted about here, I curated and released a compilation called Resolution of Happiness on my label, Trimming The Shield Records. The comp 100% benefits Lambda Legal. It features work by nineteen bands and artists, cover art by Karen Mooney (a.k.a. Moongerm), and graphic work by Veronica Burgos (a.k.a. Evey in Orbit). My band has a protest song on it called "Scuffle," for which we also made a video. Gratitude and appreciation to all involved, especially Alex McCollough, who donated his mastering services.

    I was honored to have written pieces included in three female-run zine projects this year:

    1. In This Body, Our Bodies Our Voice, 2017, edited by Avery Muether, benefiting Planned Parenthood.
    2. On Haring, Hope, and Shutting My Own Mouth, Esta Tierra, An American Zine Born From the Resistance, 2017, edited by Karen Curtiss and Mari Irizzary, benefiting The International Rescue Committee (IRC)Honor the EarthACLUPlanned Parenthood and The Audre Lorde Project.
    3. CARRIE: They Had It ComingHorror // Ripe with Rage Issue 1, 2017, edited by Veronica Burgos, benefiting Nashville's Sexual Assault Center.

    FC did three tours in 2017; we made it to both coasts and a bunch in the middle. I love to tour and have missed being on the road this season. Alas, we needed to get our second album in fighting shape.

    Photo by Aaron Ehinger

    About that album: we recorded our new album with Steve Albini at his studio, Electrical Audio! We were up there for a week at the end of November and beginning of December. I don't have a ton of details to share about the release yet, but it will come out in 2018. The experience was the most positive I've ever had in the studio. I had a slew of past recording experiences shape some ideas about myself and others, and I have to say, working with Albini undid all of them. Turns out, he knows what he's doing. Albini is the first outside engineer FC have ever worked with in the studio, so it was a big change of pace and scenery for us. We're going to have a hard time ever going back to the way we used to do things. More on that release soon, I promise. For now, here's a photo from the last day of the sessions.

    My year wrapped with some service, some of which went smoothly, and some of which didn't. For the last seven years, I've led a project called Let Me Help (definitely named after the Bad Brains song). Our goal is to outfit the residents of the Safe Haven Family Shelter and Magdalene House (both in Nashville) with handmade warm wares during the holiday season. We started out small, have grown over the years, and have had some truly successful and smooth recent years. This year, participation was low. Communication was poor. I found myself feeling disappointed and resentful toward people who had promised items and then not come through—and not let me know with enough time to cover the losses. They didn't let me know at all, actually. I had to chase people down on the deadline date, only to find that they hadn't finished the items. I had a fifteen item loss on the day of the submission deadline. And I had received apathy in response, to boot. I still don't know what to do with that kind of thing. It's not appropriate to react, but I'm a human being. I have expectations just like everyone else. I do my best to manage them, but sometimes they creep up just the same. I try to operate from a place of hope and PMA, but sometimes shit's a mess. And this season, it was a mess.

    Part of what stunned me, is that people chose this year to bail. This year of garbage leadership and garbage policies. So many peoples' lives and freedoms on the line. My inclination is to go further into service at times like this. Apparently, this is not the case for everyone. Some have retreated. Some have gone inward. I can't claim to understand it, but I know my job is to accept it. I had to accept that we didn't have enough items to serve Magdalene House this year. It was what it was. I'm still incredibly grateful to the thirteen people who knit and crocheted such lovely pieces this year; we did outfit thirty-five adults and children. Maybe that's enough. Maybe it's not for me to know. But, if I could say one thing to whoever is reading this, I'd say: I know it's easy to feel like someone else will take care of it, whatever it is. I'm guilty of this myself. But, there isn't always someone else. Sometimes it falls to us. Sometimes it's our job to take care of our own selves as well as others. To give what we can, even if we feel like we don't have much. I'm eternally broke (such has been the story of my life in the arts), I've been tired for twenty years, I'm not ever sure of what I'm doing, and my faith in human beings has taken some serious hits in recent years. Serious. But I don't know of another way to chip away at the problem. If I'm not part of the solution, I can't be sure that someone else is. 

    I'm going to sit with my thoughts and feelings about service before I decide whether or not to do an eighth year of Let Me Help. It might simply have run its course. It might be time for me not to lead. I don't know. I do know that I'm proud of what we've been able to do in the seven years up to this point. More will be revealed.

    As we face 2018, I am encouraged by the idea of a fresh start. We learn as we go, and go we must. I will leave my exhaustion, resentments, and expectations in 2017 where they belong. I'm grateful for what I was able to be a part of this year, and even more grateful for the education each situation gave to me.

    I wish each of you a healthy and purposeful new year, and I hope our paths cross. Onward.

    Respect, hope, and PMA,




    Today is the day! The Resolution of Happiness compilation is out! The nineteen song album can now be purchased on CD or as a digital download.

    I'm thrilled to be able to put forth this group effort of resistance and solidarity. If you don't know about the comp, here are the details: I curated it and released it on my label, Trimming The Shield Records. The comp 100% benefits Lambda Legal, an invaluable resource for the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS communities. The contributing bands are from all over the country - and there's even one artist in Berlin! The musical genres span Punk, Country, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Post-Punk, Experimental, Indie . . . there is truly something for everyone!

    The cover art was done by illustrator Karen Mooney (@moongerm) in Chicago, the graphic layout was done by Veronica Leto (@eveyinorbit) and me. The mastering was done by Alex McCollough at True East Mastering in Nashville. 

    Please go support this labor of love and intention. Happy Pride!

    Yours in friendship and PMA,



    Pre-order Resolution of Happiness // A Radical Resistance Compilation!


    Buick Audra here. I'm beyond thrilled to say that you can now pre-order the Resolution of Happiness comp! It will be out on CD and digital download on 6/23, but you can pre-order it now and get one track ahead of time.

    This project has been a massive labor of love by a community of musicians and artists who believe in uniting for change. The comp features music by nineteen bands and artists, a stunning cover illustration by Karen Mooney (aka "Moongerm"), impeccable mastering by Alex McCollough of True East Mastering, and graphics and layout by Veronica Leto and myself. It's really something. I'm so proud to be realsing it on my own label, Trimming The Shield Records.

    The most important thing that I can say about it the comp is that it 100% benefits Lambda Legal, an organization that fights for the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS communities. We must support this important work now more than ever.

    We hope to have your support, and we certainly hope you enjoy the music.

    Last, I'm heading out on tour with Friendship Commanders next week for about ten days of shows and other creative collaborations. Hope to see you out there!

    With respect and PMA, 

    BA / TTS