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    Hello, 2015!

    Hi friends, 

    I hope you all had a restful holiday season. What does this year hold for you? I have some fun things going on, and I thought I'd share them with you.

    As I've written before, my primary point of focus is Friendship Commanders, my band with Jerry Roe. We spent the last year playing shows and writing our full-length album. This month, we'll actually break ground on that album. We  recently rearranged and set up our studio at Fort Knockout to record fourteen songs. They won't all end up on the record, but we want to track them all anyway, to have room to edit. We'll start this coming weekend! We will also spend a good bit of this year on the road. I hope to see some of you out there!

    In rare solo performance news, I've been asked to be the sole musical contributor at the Re-Visioning Justice in America Conference at Vanderbilt University in April. This was taken from the conference's official page:

    "This conference will bring together people from across the nation to envision new ways to challenge the problems of mass incarceration and the death penalty. Presentations, panels and key note speeches will address a variety of topics, including racial discrimination in sentencing; the business of mass incarceration; the Cradle to Prison Pipeline; the possibilities and challenges of education in prisons; advocacy for the incarcerated and their families; post-incarceration discrimination; theological resistance to the death penalty; and reforming public policy." 

    I feel quite honored to be participating in such an important conversation about these issues that affect us all. I'll post more details about what I'll be doing as we get closer. It will be my first solo performance in almost two years.

    I hope that this new year brings adventure, laughter, and good music to each of you.



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