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Buick Audra is an artist for D'Addario, and for Taylor GuitarsGregg Roth took the photo of Buick on this site.


This is the story of now. 

I am the guitarist and vocalist in the band Friendship Commanders. I share that project with Jerry Roe. We have released one album so far, DAVE, and four EPs: AMOS, TSS001GARFIELD, and JUNEBUG.

We also release one Halloween single per year, which typically ends up being the only cover music we ever do. Our first was "Pet Sematary" by the Ramones in 2013, and our second was "Them Bones" by Alice in Chains in 2014. Third was "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen, and we just last a cover of "Swan Dive" by Nashville's own Iodine. All proceeds from those singles are donated to further addiction research and/or recovery resources.

All of the aforementioned can be found through my label, Trimming The Shield Records.

I record and produce work for other artists as well, and am very proud to have been a part of a recent album by the Boston-based singer, songwriter and drummer, Boey Russell. His debut album was released on my label in January of 2014. Updates about his work can be found on the TTS site. 

My other collaborations can be found on this site, under "Discography." 

My non-musical writing can be found under "Other writing."


This is the story of then.

The Way to Win: A True Story, 33 Slade

Harmonies for One, 33 Slade

Rose Ink, Buick Audra

Singer, Buick Audra

Family Album, Buick Audra


Thank you so much for stopping by.


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