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    The BILL album is now available everywhere you get your music!


    The vinyl arrived this week and it's absolutely beautiful. 

    There are several merch bundles available on the Bandcamp page!

    Thanks to Steve Albini and everyone at Electrical Audio; thanks to Matthew Barnhart and the good folks at Chicago Mastering Service! Thanks to our team: Mark Vieira, Austin Griswold, and Aaron Gray! Thanks to Zach Barocas, Iris Robert, and Ric Simenson for the stunning imagery and artwork. We are incredibly grateful. And thanks to all who have listened and will listen. 

    * * *

    If you haven't yet, please watch the videos for "SAW AND HEARD," "WOMEN TO THE FRONT" and "HORRIFY"!

    Our official album release show is on October 16th, here in Nashville. We're excited to be part of a crazy night of music with all kinds of people, and the whole event 100% benefits Best Buddies Tennessee! We'll even be donating a portion of our merch sales to the organization, including the BILL album! Additional Fall tour dates to be announced very shortly, so make sure you follow us on Bandsintown for those updates.

    Thank you all so much. Thank you for your continued support. We hope you love the new music.
    We're on your side. Keep hope alive,




    I'm behind on my updates! We were on tour with ROYAL THUNDER when "WOMEN TO THE FRONT" was released on September 6th, so it was all we could do to share it on the FC pages etc. And now today, our third and last single in advance of the BILL album is out; it's called "SAW AND HEARD." I'll talk about that in a minute. First: touring with RT ruled. They were awesome. It was awesome. We hope it happens again! Thanks to all who came out to the shows!

    * * * 

    Now, about "WOMEN TO THE FRONT"!

    The video was directed by Buick Audra; shot by Jerry Roe and Perry Bean! Noteworthy performances were contributed by Heather Donegan and Grant-Lee Phillips, among many others!

    What if, instead of competing with or steering clear of other women, we stood for and with each other? What kind of bold new frontier could we possibly create were we to abandon the trappings of old belief systems and get current? I am encouraged by recent movements of solidarity among women around the world. I crave more. Stand together. (Buick Audra)


    * * *

    Finally, about "SAW AND HEARD"!

    This was one of the first songs written for the BILL album, and many of you have heard us play it on the road over the last two years. It's near and dear to us; we hope you like it. The music was produced by Steve Albini and us. We made a lyric video for this one; please enjoy.

    The moment at which we reclaim our personal traumas and difficult experiences is one in which we gain the power. Staring abuse and abusers in the eye and saying, “I see it now, and I see it so very clearly,” strips those forces of any power they once possessed. It’s never too late to take back what’s yours, dignity included.


    * * *

    Thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered the BILL album! I can't believe it will be actually be out in a couple weeks. Feels like a birth. If you want to order a physical or digital copy, the links are below. Thanks for your time and support!





    Two big announcements today!

    First, the debut single from the BILL album is here! We're so happy to share "HORRIFY" with you all. Links to the song on different platforms below, as well as a link to our video for it, directed by Jerry Roe, shot by Jerry Roe and Perry Bean! Special thanks to Kat JonesEJ Holmes Dawson, and Perry Bean for their incredible help. Song written by Buick Audra; produced by Steve Albini and us. Cover photo by Zach Barocas; art and layout by Buick Audra and Ric Simenson. If you're interested, the lyrics are at the very bottom of this post.


    Second, you can now pre-order the BILL album! We're offering it on vinyl, CD, and as a digital download, of course. There are even a handful of extra special bundles available, in which you can get a handmade skinny necktie made by Buick herself (she has a line of ties called B. Arson Neckwear) and a copy of the album on CD or vinyl. 


    On "HORRIFY":
    We destroy that which we love; it sometimes feels safer than the alternative. But tearing down another person or a relationship also tears down part of the self. It’s a temporary fix for a bigger problem. We’d be wise to look inward instead of at the faults of others, but where’s the fun in that? In short: friendship is hard.

    Thanks for your support!




    I’ll show you orphans sleeping on pavement
    I’ll show you hopeless human arrangements
    I’ll show you lands with no leaders - but laws against reform
    still, I’m a monster, or so you have stated

    are you horrified?
    tell me again
    are you horrified?
    tell me all about the different lie you’re living with this time

    one epidemic gave birth unto another
    the child who struggled to thrive became a mother
    then all the factors collide to rob the childhood from the child
    still, you insist that I’m the enemy, the other

    give me a rag to wash the makeup off my face
    take off my costume, let me stand here in my place
    I’m just a person in need of basic decency and grace
    still, you reject me!
    you say I’m not the same

    are you horrified?
    tell me again
    are you horrified?
    tell me all about the different life you’re living in this time
    and this: are you are horrified?

    if I were dying, you could love me
    but I’m living, so you can’t
    if I were dying, you could love me
    but I’m living, so you can’t
    if I were dying, you could love me
    but I’m living, so you can’t
    if I were dying, you could love me
    but you can’t

    are you horrified?
    tell me again
    are you horrified?
    tell me all about the different ways you’re winning at this life
    and this: are you horrified?
    tell me again
    are you horrified?




    I'm thrilled to share the release date of the second album by Friendship Commanders, BILL: October 5th, 2018. We made this record with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago IL. We're so proud of it and so ready for you to hear it. The first single and video, "Horrify," releases on all digital platforms on August 17th! There will be more to come between then and the album's release, so please be sure to follow, like, and subscribe to us wherever you get your music! Links below.

    As a body of work, BILL is about to trying to be a human and know other humans during inhumane times. Part of that is reckoning with one's self, part of that is either accepting those around us or letting them go. And yet another part of that is making sure that we're not just focusing on our own success and safety, but those of the community around us. It's time for tolerance and service and hope, not destroying one another and ourselves.

    The stunning album cover photo was taken by Zach Barocas; we love it so much. The design was done by Ric Simenson and myself.


    We're also excited to tell you that we're doing some dates with ROYAL THUNDER next month! And most of the shows are in cities we've not yet played; we're very much looking forward to them. Dates below. Additional tour dates in support of the new album to come soon!

    Thanks for your support!



    09/03/18 --- Columbia, SC - New Brookland Tavern
    09/04/18 --- Nashville, TN - The End
    09/05/18 --- Birmingham, AL - The Nick
    09/07/18 --- St. Petersburg, FL - Fubar
    09/08/18 --- Jacksonville, FL - Nighthawks

    *All dates supporting ROYAL THUNDER


    June and July shows with Friendship Commanders

    Love and thanks to all who came out to FC's Raise Your Voice shows last month! We had a terrific time - and we registered some people to vote. So, mission accomplished! We're grateful to the venues, promoters, organizations, bands, and friends who participated.

    We're playing a handful of shows at the end of this month and beginning of July. Dates below. Announcements about the forthcoming album will be made next month; stay tuned!

    Last, if you'd like to hear me chat with some friends about being in a touring band, being female in the heavy music scene, and assortment of other things, check out this episode of the Punching Out podcast. Thanks to Tom Messmer for asking me to be a part!

    I wish you a happy beginning of Summer. See you out there.



    06/23/18 --- The P&H Cafe, Memphis TN
    06/28/18 --- The Milestone, Charlotte NC
    06/29/18 --- Guido's Speakeasy, Frederick MD
    07/01/18 --- St. Vitus Bar, Brooklyn NY
    07/02/18 --- The Pharmacy, Philadelphia PA